#1 Diabetes DIET HACK – Reduce Your Risk By 35% (Works Fast)!

By on April 10, 2017
This one simple addition to your diet could reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, say experts.

According to new research reported in the journal Clinical Nutrition, people who ate more than 3 servings of lentils per week were 35 percent less likely to develop the disease.

They also found that replacing foods high in protein or carbohydrates with legumes also mitigated this risk.

“Legumes, a low-energy, nutrient-dense and low glycemic index food, have shown beneficial effects on glycemic control and adiposity,” write researchers in Clinical Nutrition. “Individuals in the highest quartile of total legume and lentil consumption had a lower risk of diabetes than those in the lowest quartile.”

The Research

In the study, researchers examined more than 3,300 people who faced a high risk of heart disease but did not have type 2 diabetes. These people typically develop diabetes later in life, especially if they are overweight.

Tracking their dietary intake, researchers wanted to see how often they consumed legumes, a food group which includes lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas. Legumes are typically high in potassium, fiber, and calcium, which some people believe act as an appetite suppressant. Its effects on diabetes had not been investigated, however.

Following up with the participants 4 years later, they tested them to see if any of them met the criteria for type 2 diabetes. As it turned, some did–and their legume intake was in the lowest quartile of all diets tested. People whose legume intake was in the highest quartile, however, equaling 3 servings per week, faced the lowest risk of the disease.

For researchers, the evidence is a clear indication that legumes can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Now, they also know how effective it is at it.

“Substitutions of half a serving/day of legumes for similar servings of eggs, bread, rice or baked potato was associated with lower risk of diabetes incidence,” write researchers. “A frequent consumption of legumes, particularly lentils, in the context of a Mediterranean diet, may provide benefits on type 2 diabetes prevention in older adults at high cardiovascular risk.”

So what does this mean for you? Simple: Eat more legumes. Eating more than 3 servings per week could help reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and may even have a protective effect against weight gain too.

Readers: How often do you eat legumes?

Legumes Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk by 35 Percent, Research Reports –
Legume Consumption is Inversely Associated With Type 2 Diabetes Incidence in Adults (Study)

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