3 Weight Loss Teas Ranked: Which One Could Double Your Weight Loss?

By on July 27, 2013
Struggling to lose the last five pounds? According to, your best bet might be tea–a beverage proven to accelerate fat loss for both men and women.

“Teas contain caffeine and antioxidants that may boost weight loss efforts,” says Stephanie Brookshier, a registered dietitian and contributor. “Different teas contain different levels of these weight loss components. Choosing the right tea can compliment a well-rounded diet to help you lose more weight the healthy way.”

But which teas are truly best for taming that all-too-large waistline? Here’s what you sip–and why:

1. Green tea. Going green is in–especially when it comes to tea. And green tea remains a highly recommended diet aid by many nutritionists; but why?

According to, a recent study showed those who drank a tea fortified with green tea extract lost more body fat than those who opted for regular oolong tea–definitely a good trade off. Researchers believe its fat-accelerating potential is all thanks to catechins, a type of substance found in green tea that increases a person’s metabolism.

Your best bet: Several cups of green tea a day is a good way to slim down without the excess calories.

2. Black tea. If you’ve lived in England, Germany, or even America, then you’re probably familiar with black tea–almost the entire world consumes this beverage everyday. But it’s its effects on weight loss that has researchers interested.

“Coffee and tea in their unaltered form contribute fluid to the diet without contributing energy. Increased coffee and tea consumption is associated with less weight gain over time in men and women; this observation is not attributed to beverage caffeine content,” writes the researchers of a 2009 study conducted on tea. “Adults who routinely consumed green, oolong or black tea for 10 years have lower body fat percentages and smaller waist circumferences than non-consumers.”

As for the reasons why black tea is so effective for weight loss, researchers believe it has a blunting effect on hunger; and when you feel less hungry, it’s easy to lose weight.

3. White tea. While you may not be as familiar with white tea when compared to green or black tea, its effects on weight loss make it worth the sip, says But why?

“One frequently heard claim about slimming down with white tea is that antioxidants in the tea will cause your metabolism to speed up,” writes “Another variation to that claim is that, because white tea has caffeine, weight loss will occur. The reason is attributed to caffeine helping to burn calories quickly.”

And if you don’t enjoy the taste of black or green tea, white tea may offer the low-calorie, cancer-fighting taste you’ve been looking for–one serving contains fewer than 10 calories. For an extra dose of flavor, opting for organic honey is a healthier way to up its sweet factor.

Readers: What is your favorite tea: Green tea, black tea, or white tea? Do you drink it to help you lose more weight?

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