4 Totally Weird Natural Acid Reflux Remedies You Should Try Today

By on May 24, 2013

More than sixty percent of adults will experience symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux this year and approximately twenty-five percent will experience symptoms this week. With stats like this, it’s no wonder more acid reflux sufferers are looking for natural remedies.

If that discomfort you feel is due to acid reflux, you should know what it is and what causes it to find the best natural treatment for you.

What Is Acid Reflux?

Most of us experience a little heartburn now and again from eating too fast or consuming extra spicy foods. But those with more than ‘a little’ heartburn are likely experiencing problems with the lower sphincter of the esophagus (LES). When we eat the LES closes immediately after food has passed through it, but when it doesn’t close completely or opens more than it should, stomach acid begins to move up into the esophagus.

This, in a nutshell, is acid reflux. If you experience chest pains, frequent regurgitation, burping, heartburn or hiccups during or after meals and snacks regularly, you probably have GERD.

Acid Reflux Causes

Since acid reflux occurs due to a problem in the LES, many people incorrectly assume it’s as simple as tightening the esophageal sphincter, unfortunately that is not the case.

There are many different health-related factors that can cause acid reflux. A hiatal hernia is a common cause; however it is not the only cause. Pregnant women often suffer from acid reflux as do those who are overweight or obese and smokers.

Lifestyle factors such as eating too much at once, bedtime snacking, spicy foods or citrus fruits, drinking carbonated beverages and relying too heavily on aspirin can all cause acid reflux. Not all people who engage in these activities will experience symptoms, but these factors can exacerbate symptoms if you frequently suffer from acid reflux symptoms.

As you can see, the causes of reflux are far and wide, which means there isn’t one uniform remedy for acid reflux. So what is the best way to treat it?

The Natural Way

As we all become more knowledgeable about our health and the effects of over-medicating, natural remedies are being sought to treat a variety of diseases and illnesses. This is especially true of illnesses like acid reflux that can be remedied by making simple lifestyle changes, making costly medications, treatments and surgeries unnecessary.

Many over the counter and prescription medicines can have less than desirable side effects, and contribute to the worsening of symptoms, especially esophageal cancer. While these drugs do lessen the symptoms they are, by no means, a lasting remedy.

But there are some natural acid reflux remedies that seem unorthodox, but have been proven effective.

Chewing Gum of the sugar-free variety works to treat acid reflux because it does two things sufferers need: first it increases saliva production which helps rinse off acid making its way towards the esophagus and second it makes you swallow more often, thereby cutting off the acid’s path to your esophagus with every swallow.

A 2005 study in the Journal of Dental Research found that chewing sugar-free gum about 30 minutes after a meal can greatly reduce the amount of acid resting in the esophagus.

Sea Salt not only infuses the body with much needed trace minerals but it also can help balance hydrochloric acid levels that often get too low in reflux sufferers. Rather than using basic table salt (read: iodized salt), use genuine sea salt for cooking. Iodized salt, in addition to contributing to another cause of acid reflux—obesity—it also increases the level of hydrochloric acid being secreted during digestion.

Sea salt is more effective for acid reflux and it is much better for a healthy diet, particularly non-processed “raw” sea salt.

Anti-Inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, oregano and cinnamon help reduce esophageal inflammation caused by reflux. Stomach acid can be brutal to the lining of the esophagus and adding garlic, ginger, licorice root and aloe Vera to your meals can ease that inflammation.

Too much inflammation can lead to excessive bleeding or ulcers of the esophagus, and rather than a costly pill regimen you can simply add these herbs to your meals.

Carrot juice provides a great alternative for juice lovers because it isn’t citrus, caffeinated or carbonated and it contains important alkaline elements to help balance acid levels. In addition to balancing acid levels carrot juice is also soothing to the pain and inflammation that can occur in the esophagus.

Most physicians will recommend lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet to remedy acid reflux and reduce symptoms. By adding these natural treatments to your diet you can reduce your reliance on antacids, pain relievers and other non-natural treatments available.

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