8 Unexpected Ways to Fight Belly Bloat

By on April 22, 2014
Bloating: the cause of pant tightness and the unhide-able belly bulge. We’re not talking about weight or even excess fat – we’re talking about bloat. Abdominal bloating can make you feel larger than you actually are, and for some people, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Contrary to popular belief, belly bloat is not a water retention problem. So if you’re looking for ways to fight belly bloat, don’t avoid water – use these methods instead.

Add More Fiber

Constipation causes bloating. A high fiber diet can keep your regular (which means 25 grams of fiber per day for women, and 38 grams per day for men). Get your fiber from legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also, follow up with at least six to eight glasses of water so that you can help that fiber do its job.

Don’t Eat Too Fast

If you’re the type to scarf down your food and not take a break in between, you’re most likely swallowing excess air. Take time to enjoy your food – it’s not going anywhere. Meals should take you at least 30 minutes. Also, when you take your time to chew and enjoy what you’re eating, you’ll notice it becomes more satisfying – and you give your brain time to catch up so you don’t overeat.

Skip the Sugar-Free Gum – Actually, Skip Gum Altogether

Sugar-free foods get their sweetness from artificial sweeteners. But, these artificial sweeteners an actually cause belly bloat. If you’re chewing sugar-free gum, quit it or limit yourself to one piece a day. If you can, stop chewing gum altogether. When you chew, you increase the potential you’ll swallow air, which leads to bloating.

Drink More Water

Too much sodium can actually lead to bloating. So, if you’re avoiding water because you’re bloated, it’s time to drink up. Also, avoid highly processed foods or those that are high in sodium. Your body doesn’t need a lot of salt, and the more sodium in your blood, the more bloating you’ll have.

Add Probiotics to Your Diet

When the balance of bacteria in your intestines gets out of whack, you can suffer from bloating. Get them back to their appropriate levels by taking a probiotic. These help restore and balance the much-needed good bacteria in your intestines. Bifidobacterium, for example, can help relieve GI problems and bloating.

Don’t Use Straws

Eating too fast causes you to swallow air, but so does drinking out of a straw. If you like straws, sip carefully and try to not drink in too much air in the process.

Cook Your Veggies

Raw veggies are difficult for your body to break down, which leads to excess gas and bloating. By cooking them you can digest them easier – and reduce the bloat.

Cut Out Sodas

You know there are a lot of bubbles in sodas – even the diet and zero calorie varieties. These carbonated bubbles can actually trap inside your stomach, leading to a bloated gut. Cut out soda altogether if you can – even diet sodas are high in sodium. Drink water that is flavored with lime, lemon or cucumber instead.

Readers: What do you do to limit the belly bloat?


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