Apple Cider Vinegar? The Benefits of This Forgotten Pantry Item

By on September 15, 2014
Apple cider vinegar is in most of our households. But, it sits on the shelf for years just waiting for that one recipe to come around. Surprisingly, apple cider vinegar has a lot more benefits other than adding zing to your next steak marinade. In fact, the number of health benefits could make you start buying this vinegar by the gallons here soon enough.

It May Help You Lose Weight
If you have tried a few diets without success, you may find some with apple cider vinegar. According to a study conducted in Japan, 175 healthy obese individuals took vinegar daily for 12 weeks and those who used the vinegar lost more weight than those who didn’t use the vinegar. On average, the group using vinegar daily lost one to two pounds over three months. While there are no other studies proving the effectiveness, it is believed that vinegar may help your body break down fats in a subtle way. Naturally, if you’re going to use vinegar you still need to exercise and practice portion control.

If you are going to use apple cider vinegar, add 1 tablespoon up to 2 tablespoons to your diet each day.

It Could Help with Blood Sugar
Apple cider vinegar is an anti-glycemic product. It has been studied for decades and it may help with blood sugar levels just as well as other medications. But, it is not 100 percent effective. Therefore, people with diabetes or other blood sugar issues should still take their prescribed medications and always consult a physician before adding apple cider vinegar to their diet.

It May Help Prevent Cancer
Cancer is uncontrollable and there are a lot of studies and theories that apple cider vinegar may help prevent some types of cancer. Studies have shown that vinegar does kill cancer cells and shrink tumors, but these studies weren’t performed on humans — just individualized cancer cells. That being said, it may help to include apple cider vinegar in your diet to help ward off the possibility of cancer.

Are There Side Effects?
Apple cider vinegar is safe to consume, and there are no reports of adverse side effects. Rather than drinking it straight up, however, it is best to incorporate it into your cooking — such as creating a salad dressing or dip from it. Some people do consume a teaspoon up to two tablespoons per day in a glass of water, but it can be hard to stomach.

Naturally, you should consult a physician before ever starting an apple cider vinegar regimen. While it is considered “safe” some medications or underlying conditions could cause an adverse reaction.

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