Boost Brain Power FAST! The #1 Life Hack People Over 50 Should Do (Easy & Effective)

By on May 9, 2017
Want an easy way to boost brain power? This unique exercise combination can make your brain work faster–but there’s a catch, say researchers.

According to new research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who combined both aerobic and resistance exercise had significantly more brain power, improving their physical and mental ability. However, these effects were only noted in people over 50, so they are unsure how it will affect other age groups.

Researchers explain the findings below:

“While targeted aerobic training is a promising approach to delay the progression of VCI [vascular cognitive impairment] by reducing cardiometabolic risk factors, few randomised [sic] controlled trials to date have specifically assessed the efficacy of aerobic training on cognitive and brain outcomes in this group at risk for functional decline. Aerobic training among older adults with mild SIVCI [mild subcortical ischaemic vascular cognitive impairment] can improve executive functions and neural efficiency of associated brain areas.”

For the research, they reviewed 39 studies examining the effects of certain types of exercise on people over 50, who typically start to experience cognitive decline. They wanted to see if certain types of exercise reduced these effects. Together, this type of research is referred to as a meta-analysis.

Of the exercise types analyzed, researchers focused on:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Resistance training
  • Multi-component exercise (combining both aerobic and resistance training exercise)
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga

From there, they looked at how these workouts affected certain factors linked to brain health, such as attention span, general cognition, the ability to execute goal oriented behaviors (called executive function), and short term memory.

The result? Regardless of how bad or good their brain health was, aerobic exercise combined with resistance training provided the best benefits. In addition to enhancing their cognition, it produced significant improvements in executive function, long term memory, and short term memory.

That’s enough evidence to recommend both exercises as a way to improve brain health, researchers note.

“The findings suggest that an exercise programme [sic] with components of both aerobic and resistance type training, of at least moderate intensity and at least 45 minutes per session, on as many days of the week as possible, is beneficial to cognitive function in adults aged over 50,” they write. “Future studies with greater sample size should be completed to replicate and extend these findings.”

What This Means For You

If you’re over 50 and concerned about brain health, here’s one simple way to boost it, say researchers. Just 45 minutes of aerobic exercise combined with resistance training, such as weightlifting, could help improve several parameters of brain health, helping it work more efficiently. As a result, you’ll think better–and feel better too!

Sources: What is your current workout plan? Let us know in the comment section below!

Aerobic, Resistance Exercise Combo Can Boost Brain Power of Over
Aerobic Exercise Promotes Executive Functions and Impacts Function Neural Activity Among Older Adults (Study)

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