Boost Brain Power FAST – Best 3 Tips & Tricks for Concentration (Works in Just 30 Minutes)

By on March 31, 2017
Need a quick brain boost–in less than 30 minutes? If the daily grind has you craving a serious memory pick-me-up, here are three tricks guaranteed to make a difference. Here’s how (and why) they work.

Have a Coffee While Working

Coffee may enhance your energy levels, but did you know it can also make your brain work at a higher capacity?

A study published in Nature Neuroscience confirmed this in late 2013.

In the study, people who consumed caffeine while performing a task produced a higher production output for up to 24 hours–basically, that means they did the task faster and more efficiently.

Studying the results further, researchers found that caffeine enhanced the participants’ long-term memory span.

If you need a quick memory boost that can last 24 hours, pick up a cuppa–and let it work its magic.

Eat Berries

This trick is confirmed to work in women, although experts aren’t sure how it will affect men. For now, we’ll recommend it for the women reading this post.

Eating a handful of berries, regardless of their type, can help reduce memory decline by over two years, provided you eat a handful of them daily. While it admittedly isn’t a fast-acting method, over time it can help keep your brain younger. That equals a faster–and more efficient–memory.

This finding was scientifically tested–and proven true–in a Brigham and Women’s Hospital study in 2012. It tested women over 70 years old, so it’s a good trick for older women.

Try Chewing Gum

If you’re struggling to concentrate on a task, this trick is proven to keep you on track.

In research published in the British Journal of Psychology, it found that people who chewed gum while completing visual memory tasks had quicker reaction times and answered questions more accurately. They also concentrated on the task longer compared to the non-chewing participants.

It sounds stupidly simple–but sometimes, the simplest solutions are incredibly effective.

“Interestingly participants who didn’t chew gum performed slightly better at the beginning of the task but were overtaken by the end,” says Kate Morgan, who authored the study. “This suggests that chewing gum helps us focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a longer amount of time.”

So the next time you find yourself unable to concentrate, chew on a piece of gum. This innocuous breath enhancer could also boost your working memory–seriously!

Readers: What weird tricks or tips do you have to boost short term memory?

Post-Study Caffeine Administration Enhances Memory Consolidation in
Berries Keep Your Brain
Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate For Longer, Study

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