6 Surprising Benefits of Coconut Water

By on May 5, 2014
Sports drinks have nothing on coconut water. It’s delicious, has less calories, less sodium and gives you more nutrients than any sports drink can offer. Also, it’s low fat — making it the perfect nourishment for just about anyone.

Where Does Coconut Water Come From?

Coconut water is found in the center of green, young coconuts. It’s not coconut milk, which is fatty. Instead, it has a light, fresh taste.

Coconut Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Coconut water’s natural fat content is low, so you can drink it without worrying about undoing your hard work. Also, it can help naturally suppress your appetite, making you feel fuller, longer.

It Helps Cure the Hangover

If you have had a long night of partying (and naturally drinking), you are likely to have an upset stomach, headache and be dehydrated. The electrolytes in coconut water can naturally replenish your dehydrated body, but also coconut water can help settle an upset stomach.

Improves Digestion

Do you have poor digestion? Coconut water is naturally high in fiber, which helps the digestion process, can reduce indigestion issues and keep you regular. If you suffer from acid reflux, adding coconut water to your diet might aid with that too.

Naturally Reduces Blood Pressure

When you have poor levels of electrolytes, you could also have high blood pressure. Because coconut water has natural electrolytes and helps balance your system, you could actually reduce your high blood pressure. For best results, you should consume coconut water at the start of the day.

It’s Loaded, With Nutrients

If you have been looking to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet, then coconut water is your answer. It’s naturally high in potassium — offering about 600 milligrams per serving. Also, it has a hearty helping of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus. Combined with the potassium, you have a good dose of essential electrolytes to keep your body balanced.

It Naturally Beautifies the Skin

Have you been looking for an all-natural cure to your dry skin or acne problems? Coconut water that is applied directly to the skin on a daily basis could help reduce the number of breakouts you have and rehydrate your skin. It naturally moisturizes and penetrates deep into the layers. It also can help reduce the amount of oil in your skin — which is why coconut oil is a predominant ingredient in skin and hair care products.

So How Much Coconut Water Should You Drink?

Before you start guzzling gallons of coconut water, remember everything is good in moderation. You can drink it by itself or mix it with another beverage, but a glass each day is recommended. Because each serving has 45 to 60 calories, you should only drink coconut water on a daily basis if you are also active.

Readers: What are your thoughts on coconut water? Have you noticed any changes since starting a coconut water regimen?





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