Drinking This Could Cause Diarrhea, Vomiting, and KIDNEY Failure?

By on March 26, 2015
Think raw milk is a healthy alternative to pasteurized cow’s milk? If you have digestive problems, doing so could spell disaster for your health, according to a new analysis from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.

The findings, which were published earlier this week, reveal that people who drink raw milk are 100 times more likely to get a foodborne illness, causing dangerous reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, or even kidney failure.

As for the reason why, experts say raw milk contains higher concentrations of “bad microbes” such as salmonella and listeria–both of which can kill.

“Ultimately, the scientific literature showed that the risk of foodborne illness from raw milk is over 100 times greater than the risk of foodborne illness from pasteurized milk,” says Benjamin Davis, a Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Fellow and lead author of the study. “Although potential benefits related to the consumption of raw milk would benefit from further investigation, we believe that from a public health perspective it is a far safer choice to discourage the consumption of raw milk.”

Raw milk, unlike pasteurized milk, is not heated to destroy potentially dangerous microbes that naturally exist in the cow’s milk, often caused by fecal cross-contamination. Instead, it is served it in its most natural form, which proponents believe contain more antibodies, proteins, and good bacteria. Some even say it tastes better too–a cleaner, richer taste that can’t be mimicked through the pasteurization process.

While many people consider it the healthiest choice, researchers decided to investigate if these claims were true. Looking through dozens of studies, they looked at which studies found benefits and disadvantages to raw milk consumption–and found that people who drank raw milk were more likely to develop a food borne illness, causing major digestive problems.

Worse yet, any benefits found were negligible at best. Although some research showed pasteurized milk contained fewer nutrients, the risk of illness caused by raw milk was far greater. This, researchers say, makes raw milk a bad choice for any consumer.

“The risks of consuming raw milk instead of pasteurized milk are well established in the scientific literature, and in some cases can have severe or even fatal consequences,” says Cissy Li, co-author of the study and a doctoral candidate at the Bloomberg School Department of Environmental Health Sciences. “Based on our findings, we discourage the consumption of raw milk, especially among vulnerable populations such as the elderly, people with impaired immune systems, pregnant women, and children.”

What This Means For You

Want a big health boost with milk? Despite claims that raw milk is more nutritious, researchers say it could be hazardous to your digestive system. Instead, try something safer–such as pasteurized milk fortified with vitamins or milk alternatives, such as coconut or rice milk.

Readers: Have you tried raw milk before? If so, what do you think about it?

Drinking Raw Milk Dramatically Increases Risk for Foodborne
A Literature Review of the Risks and Benefits of Consuming Raw and Pasteurized

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