Making Raw Vegetables Fun!

By on September 11, 2014
Eating your vegetables raw does help prevent nutrient loss, but it isn’t easy to do. If you find yourself gagging down a plate of raw vegetables every day, there are things you can do to make it a little more tolerable.

Raw food diets are based on the idea that heat destroys natural enzymes and degrades nutrients in the food. And, these natural enzymes are what increases your digestion, helps fight illness and even can help you lose weight. Some supporters of the raw food diet claim that cooking your vegetables can make them toxic. While the official research is out on that claim, a lot of people have seen their own list of benefits they’ve gained from consuming raw foods.

Have a Prep Day
When you buy your vegetables at the store, bring them home and spend a little extra time preparing them. That means washing them, cutting them up and making them meal-ready. Often, the reason people don’t eat vegetables is because they’re in a rush — and it’s easier to reach for a bag of chips than the carrots when you don’t have to prepare the chips.

Serve Raw Vegetables with Every Meal
Start adding a side of raw vegetables to every meal. For breakfast, you could create a fresh salsa and serve it up with eggs and a whole grain bagel. At lunch, get creative and make a raw vegetable salad. For dinner, you can impress the family with a raw vegetable appetizer and dipping sauces to make eating vegetables more fun.

Rely on Vegetables for Your Snack
You can keep your family snacking healthy just by keeping raw vegetables around as snacks. It is also equally helpful if you stop purchasing snack foods. Otherwise, if they are in the home you are tempted to eat those unhealthy foods.

Cook Them, but Do It Right
If you still can’t stomach the idea of raw vegetables, you’re not alone. There is a way to cook your vegetables according to the World’s Healthiest Foods, so that you don’t lose their nutritional value. If you cook your food for just 30 seconds, nutrients start to break down. But, the nutrient loss is minimal. Therefore, it is recommended that you steam your vegetables rather than boil them or cook them for extended periods of time. Excessive cooking leads to nutrient loss. So, find the shortest cooking time and method possible for each vegetable. Also, if you’re going to use your vegetables in a sauté, skip the high fat oils and use water. Water is a natural sauté medium that gets crisp vegetables without adding unnecessary fat.

Readers: How do you get raw vegetables into your daily diet?



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