Quinoa Anyone? Reasons You Should Eat More of it!

By on May 26, 2014
Quinoa might be something new to your diet, but it is definitely not new to the world. In fact, the use of quinoa dates back three or four thousand years ago — with the Incas being the first to use today’s super grain. If you have been avoiding this unique little grain, it is time to reconsider. Even better, there are ways to add more quinoa to your diet without making much sacrifice.

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you’re in luck. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free. If you’re on a grain-free diet, you may still be able to eat quinoa. Because it is a pseudo cereal grain, some people still eat it when on a grain-free diet. But, if you have been grain free for a while, you may have difficulty digesting it.

The Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa has been labeled as a superfoods and for good reason: it has tons of health benefits in every cup. Just a few include:

  • It’s High in Protein – Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, it’s not always easy to get in protein. Quinoa is protein-rich and high in all 9 amino acids.
  • It’s Fiber Rich – Quinoa has twice as much fiber as other grains. Adding more quinoa could help reduce constipation, lower high blood pressure, and even help with diabetes. It can also help you lose weight — since it takes longer to chew and keeps you fuller longer.
  • It’s Got Iron – Iron is what keeps your blood healthy, and quinoa is packed full of iron to oxygenate your blood, tissue and cells.
  • It Has Lysine – Lysine is essential for growth and repair of your body’s tissues.
  • It’s Rich in Other Essential Vitamins – Quinoa also has a high concentration of riboflavin, magnesium, manganese and promotes optimum health.

How to Get More Quinoa in Your Diet

Quinoa can be intimidating, but it is cooked similar to rice. In fact, you can throw it into a rice cooker and have it ready to eat in just a few minutes. There are plenty of ways to eat quinoa, but if you’re finding yourself stumped, here are a few to get you started:

  • Breakfast is a good start. Quinoa might not look like a breakfast grain, but it’s perfect for replacing the high-carb, gluten-containing cereals. Cook up some quinoa and serve it with berries and nuts in place of oatmeal or add it to the top of yogurt with fruit and granola to make a parfait. Quinoa can be added to muffin recipes too, giving you a hearty dose of protein.
  • Incorporate it into lunch. Got burritos on the menu? Add quinoa to your lunch-time burrito (with or without meat). If you want something simple, mix black beans, quinoa and fresh spinach together for a quick salad.
  • Dinner ideas are endless. Instead of using meat, substitute quinoa and make your own meatless, protein-packed meatballs. Use quinoa to crust chicken, fish and even pork. Instead of rice, use quinoa to make your favorite fried rice and casserole dishes. Craving mac and cheese? Skip the gluten-filled pasta and use quinoa instead.

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