How to FALL ASLEEP Fast – 3 Weird (But Easy) Insomnia Life Hacks That Work ASAP!

By on February 6, 2017
It’s 2 a.m., and once again, you’re wide awake. No shut-eye for you. You begin to wonder: Will my insomnia ever be cured?

If you’ve tried literally everything to fall asleep on time, you know how excruciating this condition can be, as well as the millions of American that suffer from it.

But never fear, because we’ve got even more tips to fall asleep that you probably haven’t tried yet–seriously!  If you can’t catch any late night zzz’s, try these 3 tricks instead.

1. Sleep outdoors. This isn’t exactly a practical tip for the frigid winter months, but as the weather warms up, this could be a useful strategy.

According to research published in Current Biology, people who sleep outdoors while camping are able to return to a normal sleep cycle, alleviating insomnia. And the reason why? Being outdoors during the nighttime resets our internal clocks, making insomnia a thing of the past.

So if you have a weekend to yourself, try camping outdoors for a night or two–it could quickly make your sleeping woes a thing of the past.

2. Touch your body. The key here is to do it in a way that activates your “sleep points,” however, claims Dr. Chris Idzikowski, author of Sound Asleep, The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well. Here is what he recommends:

  • Touch the top of your nose. Using your thumb, touch the area of your nose between your eyebrows, where your nose bridge dips slightly. Hold it there for 20 seconds before releasing and repeating.
  • Next, sit on the edge of your bed. Cross your legs together so that your right foot passes over left knee. Look for the dip between your big toe and second toe, and press that spot for 20 seconds. Again, repeat it a few more times to initiate the sleep cycle.
  • In the same position, find the area below the edge of your second toe’s nail. Press that area using your thumb and forefinger, and once again, repeat.

By completing these tricks, you should fall asleep faster–or at least feel more relaxed, according to Dr. Idzikowski.

3. Try Viparita Karani. This yoga pose allegedly helps people enter a peaceful state conducive to deep sleep.

To practice it, lay down on the ground while propping your legs up on a wall at a 45 degree angle. Stretch your arms along the sides of your body, palms up. Then, holding this pose, close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Soon you should feel relaxed and sleepy–the perfect recipe for fighting insomnia!

Readers: What has been the weirdest way you’ve fallen asleep? Let us know in the comment section below!

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