Why the Lemonade Diet is Ridiculous — It’s Not Just the Name

By on September 16, 2014
The lemonade diet, also referred to as the Master Cleanse, is a diet that has been made popular thanks to celebrities. They claim they lose tons of weight using this liquid-only lemonade-like beverage diet, but the effects of this diet are as short lived as the diet itself. If you have heard of the lemonade diet, you may have thought it is finally your answer. After all, it claims to cleanse the body and help you shed a dramatic amount of weight in a short period of time, but it’s not only a ridiculous diet, it’s an ineffective way to lose weight.

How the Lemonade Diet Works
The diet relies on a liquid-only diet. This lemonade beverage consists of salt water and an herbal laxative that you take for 10 days. You cannot eat any other solids and you can only have water in between your drinks. You will continue the diet for the full 10 days, and it claims that you will drop pounds, detoxify your body of all of the unhealthy food and it will even help you regain energy. Also, the diet claims that if you do the 10 day cleanse, afterwards you will no longer crave unhealthy food.

The diet was first brought to life in the book The Master Cleanse, but since then has been published under different names and in different books.

So Why Doesn’t It Work?
Yes, you will lose a lot of weight, but who wouldn’t when you’re limiting your body of so many calories each day? But, that weight you’re losing isn’t necessarily fat, according to WebMD. In fact, you’re losing bone, water and even muscle mass — things you need. Also, the second you’re off the diet and eating normal (even if you’re eating healthy and controlled calories) you will gain all of that weight right back.

There is no proof detoxifications even work. Also, you do not need to detox your body — that is what your liver is for. Because the effects of this diet are so short lived, it is not only unhealthy, but a waste of time.

The Side Effects of the Lemonade Diet
The diet is very strict. Even when you are allowed to eat again, you introduce foods slowly starting with broth and juice — then moving up to actual healthy food sources. But, you have no dairy and limit your meats for good. You don’t have to exercise, but you should. Also, you will be highly limited on what you can eat once the “cleanse” is over.

You will also experience some “detox symptoms”, as your body begins to go through the symptoms of low calories, including headaches, stomach aches, nauseas, tiredness, boredom, aches, etc.

While the diet is technically free (other than the cost of the supplies for detoxing), most experts agree it doesn’t do what it claims and is nothing more than a crash diet.

Readers: What are your thoughts on the lemonade diet? Did you try it? Share your experiences with us!


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One Comment

  1. Lane

    October 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    Lemonade Diet – Twice I did this diet for about a week. Found instructions online. The author of this article is not correct when saying that the lemonade drink is a salt water and herbal laxative diet. There is no salt in the lemonade recipe and I remember no significant laxative effect beyond what one would experience on a liquid diet of water. Lemonade is made with spring or purified water, fresh lemons, B grade dark maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. It is delicious. The pepper in it helps to curb appetite.

    The diet has value for people who strictly monitor their weight and only need to lose about 5 lbs, or as a prep diet for people who are ready to make major changes in their dietary choices and go on a longer term restricted diet.

    I only lost about 3 lbs in 7 days on this diet. After about 2 days, tremendous will power is required. I actually felt OK, but was miserable because was hungry. I might try it again for 5 days and juice some vegetables to supplement & help with appetite. The purpose will not only be to lose weight, but to refocus and clean up my diet after coming off the lemonade.

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