This Natural Supplement Shrinks Breast Cancer Tumors!

By on February 27, 2014
Imagine this: Defeating breast cancer by taking just one single supplement.

If it sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone–both the FDA and CDC say such a cure doesn’t exist. But now a new study published in the journal PLoS One says it could be a possibility.

Examining the growth of certain breast cancer tumors, researcher Adarsh Shankar found that injecting a dose of melatonin, a hormone commonly used to regulate a person’s sleep cycle, stopped the tumors from growing, preventing the disease from progressing.

“These early stage research results with the melatonin drug in a triple-negative breast cancer animal models achieved in our lab has not been seen anywhere else,” says Shankar, who works as a Henry Ford Hospital research assistant in the Department of Radiology. “The key finding of the study is that we now know that we can trace this drug and its effect on tumor growth, which opens the door for more research on this topic.”

What Researchers Found

For most people, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking–taking a single pill to cure breast cancer.

But according to Shankar’s research, which was published last month in the journal PLoS One, scientists may be one step closer to making this treatment a reality.

Here’s what happened: Researchers first isolated ER-negative breast cancer tumors in a laboratory setting, using both cell and mouse models. For the mice afflicted with breast tumors, they underwent a series of tests while split into two groups–a group receiving a melatonin treatment daily for 21 days or a group receiving no treatment. For each week that followed, researchers tracked the volume of their tumors, following up with a detailed analysis of their prognosis at the end of the trial.

As a result, researchers found that melatonin significantly reduced the size of these tumors–a result which was later replicated in the cell cultures they also experimented on.

“Taken together, our results showed that melatonin inhibits tumor growth, cell proliferation and blocks tumor angiogenesis in breast cancer and the anti-tumor action of melatonin,” say researchers in their study. “Furthermore, melatonin treatment has not caused systemic toxicity to achieve the therapeutic activities, suggesting it as a potential therapeutic agent to breast cancer.”

What You Should Do

Want to fight breast cancer? Unfortunately, researchers say treating cancer with melatonin currently isn’t available yet–and chances are it won’t be approved in the immediate future. In the meanwhile, if you want to reduce your breast cancer risk, adding a dose of melatonin to your daily diet could in theory reduce your risk, although it’s not proven to stop breast cancer.

“Melatonin has roles in cancer prevention, strengthening your immune system, and may even slow down cellular aging; in fact, it has been the subject of preclinical research on over 100 different disease applications,” says Joseph Mercola, M.D., a naturopath and founder of “Melatonin inhibits the proliferation of a wide range of cancer cell types, as well as triggering cancer cell apoptosis (self destruction). “

Readers: What else do you do to minimize your cancer risk?

Study: Melatonin Slows Down Tumor Growth in
Melatonin Shows Potential to Slow Tumor Growth in Certain Breast Cancer
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