Prevent Colon Cancer Fast – The #1 Food That Stops Tumors & Improves Digestion

By on June 8, 2016
Now here’s an easy–and yummy–way to reduce you risk of colon cancer.

According to new research from the University of Connecticut, mice who consumed up to 10.5 percent of their calories from walnuts developed fewer colon tumors, reducing their cancer risk. Now researchers hope that the same effects can be replicated in humans.

The research appears in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

“Our results show for the first time that walnut consumption may reduce colon tumor development,” says Dr. Daniel W. Rosenberg, a Professor of Medicine at UConn Health and lead investigator of the study. “There is accumulating evidence that eating walnuts may offer a variety of benefits related to health issues like cancer. This study shows that walnuts may also act as a probiotic to make the colon healthy, which in turn offers protection against colon tumors. We’re excited about future studies where we will be able to look at food consumption patterns to see how these results apply to humans.”

While other studies allude to its other benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, this study is one of the first to connect it to colon cancer.

Researchers initially made this discovery after feeding mice two different diets. In the study, the mice consumed either a standard mouse chow diet or a Westernized diet. However, both diets included walnuts as part of the experiment. The Westernized diet received a walnut supplement equal to 10.5 percent of their daily caloric allowance.

They found that, surprisingly enough, the Western diet fared better, especially when paired with walnuts. The effect was amplified in male mice, who were 2.3 times less likely to have colon tumors.

Next, researchers looked at their fecal samples to analyze why it worked–and found that its chemical makeup improved the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome refers to the gut’s ecological environment.

Safe to say, it’s a groundbreaking discovery.

“Carcinogen treatment reduced the diversity and richness of the gut microbiome, especially in male mice, which exhibited lower variability and greater sensitivity to environmental changes,” write researchers. “Taken together, our results indicate that walnuts afford partial protection to the colon against a potent carcinogenic insult, and this may be due in part to walnut-induced changes to the gut microbiome.”

Further tests are needed to determine if this effects can be replicated in humans, however.

What This Means For You

Walnuts are great for your heart, your diabetes risk, and even your waistline–and now preliminary research shows it could possibly reduce your cancer risk as well. While further testing is pending, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to start adding more walnuts to your diet.

Readers: How often do you eat walnuts?

Walnuts May Improve Your Colon
Effects of Walnut Consumption on Colon Carcinogenesis and Microbial Community Structure (Study)
Walnuts May Help Prevent Colon

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