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By on April 21, 2017
Have chronic low back pain? Schedule a massage, say researchers.

The first study of its kind, new findings from Indiana University reveal that massage therapy, even when it did not target back pain, helped rapidly alleviate lower back pain among chronic sufferers. The effects were significant as well, helping more than 50 percent of participants experience “clinically meaningful improvements.”

Niki Munk, who co-authored the study, says the findings could revolutionize how medical professionals treat this condition.

“The study can give primary care providers the confidence to tell patients with chronic low back pain to try massage, if the patients can afford to do so,” says Munk, an assistant professor of health sciences at Indiana University’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. “The fact of the matter is that chronic lower back pain is very complex and often requires a maintenance-type approach versus a short-term intervention option.”

In the study, researchers referred 104 patients with chronic low back pain to a licensed massage therapist, where they underwent 10 massage sessions. Researchers then kept tabs on how their quality of life improved, including pain improvement and reduced disability. They specifically focused on examining health changes at the 12 and 24 week mark of the study.

So what changed?

  • Low back pain significantly improved for more than 50 percent of participants. Starting at the 12 week mark, most participants reported improvements that allowed them to become more mobile.
  • Improvements lasted the most among older adults who were not overweight. On the contrary, obese patients experienced significant improvements that did not last over time.
  • For those who experienced increased mobility, these effects lasted for at least 24 weeks. According to their findings, nearly 75 percent of these participants experienced long-lasting changes that improved their quality of life.

Overall, massage therapy was a huge success–but there is a caveat, warns Munk.

“Massage is an out-of-pocket cost,” says Munk. “Generally, people wonder if it is worth it. Will it pay to provide massage to people for an extended period of time? Will it help avoid back surgeries, for example, that may or may not have great outcomes? These are the types of analyses that we hope will result from this study.”

If you can afford it, though, it’s definitely worth a shot, note experts.

What This Means For You

If you have chronic low back pain and have extra money to spare, consider scheduling a message session soon. Its effects are significant and long-lasting, especially if you’re not overweight, allege researchers.

Readers: What else do you do to reduce back pain?

Study Shows Real-World Massage is Effective Treatment for Low Back
Real-World Massage Therapy Produces Meaningful Effectiveness Signal for Primary Care Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain (Study)

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