Revealed: The 3 Best Detox Diets of 2013! Approved by Osteopaths

By on June 26, 2013
You haven’t eaten a healthy diet in weeks, and now you’re reaping the consequences: A sluggish, bloated body and intermittent headaches and fatigue to boot.

While your doctor may advise you to clean up your otherwise unhealthy diet, some say you should take a different approach–by detoxing.

“If you experience chronic headaches, low energy, bloating and skin outbreaks, for instance, it’s possible that your body is not processing toxins efficiently–in which case there are a variety of healthy detox approaches that can be helpful,” says Courtney Helgoe, a reporter for Experience Life Magazine. “These range from mild interventions, like adjusting your diet to include more nutrient- and fiber-rich whole foods and eliminating all things processed, to more intense ones, like briefly fasting with juice or broth.”

But which detox diet truly reigns supreme? According to osteopaths, not all diets are created equal–and unfortunately, most commercial detoxes contain dangerous ingredients, such as stimulant laxatives, designed to put your colon into overdrive and deplete you of essential electrolytes and fluids.

The result: You’ll feel thinner, and maybe less bloated, but your risk of heart abnormalities triples.

Instead, what really matters, according to osteopaths, is a natural-based diet–a diet based on organic fruits, vegetables, and juices that naturally encourages your body to eliminate waste, which in turn gets rid of those poisonous toxins. But what’s really best for you?

The 3 Best Detox Diets for You

If you’re feeling the effects of toxins proliferating your system, it’s time to detox–but not all diets are good for you. So which diets reign supreme?

1. The Raw Food Detox Diet. Created by nutritionist Natalia Rose, The Raw Food Detox Diet entails five levels of detoxification, which focuses on consuming mostly raw, vegan-based foods to gently remove toxins from the body. Unlike other diets, you have more control over how you eat–Level 5 is designed as an ease-in phase for new dieters, whereas Level 1 is designed for experienced dieters who want to keep their intake 100% raw.

Disadvantages: It’s mostly vegan-based, so meat eaters may have difficulty adjusting to the plan.

2. The Fruit Flush Diet. Designed by personal trainer and nutritionist Jay Robb, this diet purports to cleanse your system and help you lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days–all through the power of fruits. Touting fruit as the perfect “cleansing food,” Robb recommends eating fruits every two hours followed a small, daily meal of protein and raw vegetables as an effective way to detox. But perhaps the source of its efficacy comes from the low caloric intake–about 1,000 calories a day.

Recommendation: This is a good way to detox, but bear in mind the calories are very low.

3. Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox. Designed by celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, there are no dangerous pills or laxatives here: Just a lot of raw food juicing. Each meal of the day consists of a special drink containing water, various seeds and fruits, and sometimes vegetables as an ample vitamin–and anti-toxin–source. During the rest of the day, dieters will need to take a variety of supplements and green tea to amp up the detoxification process.

The bad: Although it’s effective, it’s not always tasty; some describe the beverages as “slimy vomit.”

Readers: Have you tried detoxing before? How has it worked for you?

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