Shocking Truth Revealed: Splenda Causes Blood Sugar Spikes

By on June 7, 2013
Why do we continue to think we can outsmart the human body by putting a concoction of synthetic ingredients together and trying to pass them off as something natural or real? The body is just way too smart for this, and it is high time that we realize this and give up on trying to create the “perfect” artificial foodstuff. It does not exist.

One such artificial health threat, that the FDA and manufacturers have been promoting, is sucralose, sold under the name Splenda. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar and found in a number of diet foods, soft drinks, chewing gum and fruit juices. Health claims against the safety of Splenda are nothing new. In fact, there is mounting evidence against this artificial sweetener, enough to lock it up for good if the FDA would listen.

Sucralose has been known to cause a number of highly serious health problems such as allergic reactions, blurred vision, seizures, weight gain, increased blood sugar and gastrointestinal problems. Approval for sucralose was given after 110 studies were done on animals and humans. However, out of these 110 studies, only two were actually conducted on humans and the longest was for four days. Furthermore, human studies were done to assess the impact that sucralose had on tooth decay, not overall health.

In 2006 when the FDA approved the sugar imposter, it was suggested that all diabetics begin using this product as a replacement for refined sugar. All over the country, people suffering with elevated blood sugar celebrated the fact that there was a new way to sweeten their favorite drinks and foodstuffs without encouraging a negative insulin response.

The sad truth has now been revealed, seven years after its unveiling to the American public, there is good reason to believe that sucralose is not as safe as it was once thought to be. According to a study published in the journal of Diabetes Care, Splenda does, in fact, have an impact on blood sugar and insulin response. This is truly sad news for everyone who has been using this product for many years under the guise that it was safe.

Latest Findings

The latest news from the lab at the Center for Human Nutrition, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri is that sucralose does indeed have an impact on insulin and blood sugar. Individuals were given two glucose tolerance tests. During the first test, they drank water before they consumed glucose. During the second test – administered on a different occasion, they were given sucralose before the test. When participants’ ingested sucralose prior to testing, their blood sugar was elevated, and their insulin levels were higher than when they took the test with water. The sucralose also caused a decrease in insulin clearance meaning that the sucralose  exaggerated the impact of the glucose.

Not the First Danger Cited

The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health noted that rats given Splenda for 12 weeks had a 50% reduction in healthy gut bacteria and increased levels of intestinal P-glycoprotein, which could increase a resistance to antibiotics and increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. For years research has demonstrated a link between serious health conditions and artificial sweeteners including aspartame, or NutraSweet.

Studies have revealed that artificial sweeteners can stimulate appetite, increase cravings for carbohydrates and encourage weight gain. These imposters confuse the body and totally ruin its ability to regulate blood sugar and control calories.

As long as public health agencies and nutritionists continue to promote these sweeteners, Americans are at risk. Those who have diabetes or are insulin resistant or overweight should seriously consider the health implications of this most recent study as it stand in light with other research done and make the best decisions for their health.


About The Author: Susan Patterson

Susan Patterson is a natural health writer with passion for living well. Her writing includes regular contributions to some of the most visited health and wellness sites on the Internet, e-books, and expert advice. As a Certified Health Coach, Master Gardener and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, Susan has helped many people move towards a better understanding of alternative health options. Susan practices what she writes and is an avid fitness enthusiast, whole foods advocate and pursuer of sustainable living.

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