Squats Boring You? Try One of These Instead

By on September 24, 2014
Let’s face it; squats are not exactly the most interesting aspect of your workout. But, they are necessary in so many ways. From shaping your backside to boosting your metabolism, you can’t just axe the squats when you get bored. The good news is, there are plenty of squat varieties out there that can change up your routine and still give you the benefit of squats.

Jump Weight Squat
Put your hands behind your head and pull your elbows back — making sure they’re aligned with your body. Then, dip down into a squat. Jump back up as fast and as high as you can and when you land, immediately squat down. Then repeat.

One Leg Squat
Also referred to as the pistol squat, this is the ultimate lower body test. If you don’t have excellent balance or lower body capabilities, this will certainly be a challenge. Hold one leg out in front of you, then squat down, lowering yourself with complete control. Slowly raise your body up to complete the squat. You’ll repeat the process for a few reps then switch legs.

Dumbbell Squat
Holding dumbbells in various positions – such as on your shoulders or at your sides — complete a regular squat. This adds weight and resistance to your squats, making them more effective.

Split Squats
While you don’t see these much anymore, they can certainly change up the usual squat. Position yourself with one foot forward and one foot back — similar to the lunge stance, but not quite as wide. Then, squat down. You can do this type of squat using dumbbells or without weights.

Bulgarian Split Squat
This is a single-leg squat that has grown in popularity, especially with body builders. You’ll place one foot behind you on a raised platform or bench and put your other foot forward — similar to the split squats. Your torso should be upright, hips pushed back as you squat down. You will feel a stretch in the hip flexors and quadriceps doing this type of squat.

A Few Things to Remember
While it’s easy to change up your position, it is also just as easy to forget the proper squat stance. Doing squats improperly could result in injury. Remember to always keep your back straight and never round your spine while doing squats. Never let your knees go past the tip of your toes either — this puts excessive strain on your knee joint. If you’re doing weights, start with light weights and move your way up.

Readers: What are your favorite squat positions?


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