Stop Inflammation FAST – Works in Just 20 Minutes! The #1 Life Hack for Older Adults

By on January 24, 2017
This one simple trick cuts inflammation in just 20 minutes.

The finding, which appears in the January issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, reveals that just one 20-minute session of exercise suppressed body inflammation, reducing the effects of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even obesity.

But the best part? Moderate, not extreme, exercise, works the best here.

“Our study found one session of about 20 minutes of moderate treadmill exercise resulted in a five percent decrease in the number of stimulated immune cells producing TNF,” says Suzi Hong, Ph.D., the study’s senior author and a researcher at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. “Knowing what sets regulatory mechanisms of inflammatory proteins in motion may contribute to developing new therapies for the overwhelming number of individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions, including nearly 25 million Americans who suffer from autoimmune diseases.”

TNF refers to tumor necrosis factor, which is involved in regulating local and systemic inflammation in the body. Controlling TNF, in theory, could help reduce inflammation. This could reduce the severity of many diseases triggered by it, such as arthritis.

In the study, researchers instructed 47 participants to walk on a treadmill at a moderate pace, hoping to activate an anti-inflammatory response. To see if it did, they collected blood samples before and after the 20-minute workout.

Through blood sample testing, they found that it decreased the stimulation of immune cells by 5 percent, resulting in a lower inflammatory response. Though the number seems small, its impact is significant–and better yet, quick-working.

Hong also notes that the workout’s intensity makes it easy for nearly anyone to try out as well.

“Our study shows a workout session doesn’t actually have to be intense to have anti-inflammatory effects,” says Hong. “Twenty minutes to half-an-hour of moderate exercise, including fast walking, appears to be sufficient. Feeling like a workout needs to be at a peak exertion level for a long duration can intimidate those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases and could greatly benefit from physical activity.”

What This Means For You

While a 20-minute bout of exercise won’t cure arthritis or obesity, research now shows it can provide a quick way to ease inflammation. To take advantage, try exercising at a moderate pace on the treadmill or even walking outdoors.  Though it’s not a strenuous workout, that’s the beauty of it–less is more.

Readers: What are your tricks and tips for controlling inflammation?

Exercise, it Does a Body Good: 20 Minutes Can Act as
Inflammation and Exercise: Inhibition of Monocytic Intracellular TNF Production By Acute Exercise (Study)

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