Stop Insomnia & Sleep Longer – The Top 2 Food Hacks for Adults (Natural & Safe)!

By on January 17, 2017
We often reach for a glass of warm milk to fall asleep–but is it really that effective?

New research suggests other foods could actually help you doze off faster. It’s something people rarely use either–kiwis and cherry juice being the main contenders.

Based on the findings, researchers say these foods could be instrumental for enhancing “high-quality sleep.”

Translation? You’ll fall asleep fast–and feel good too.

“There is much emerging information surrounding the impact of sleep duration and quality on food choice and consumption in both children and adults,” write researchers. “Studies provide some evidence for a role of certain dietary patterns and foods in the promotion of high-quality sleep, but more studies are necessary to confirm those preliminary findings.”

The study, which appears in Advances in Nutrition, reviewed previous research which examined how certain foods improved sleep patterns. While a number of foods helped with this process, the effects of kiwis and cherry juice stood out the most to researchers. Here’s what they studied–and why it worked so well to enhance sleep.


Researchers zeroed in on a 2011 study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which studied the effects of kiwis on healthy adults. 24 adults, who were overwhelmingly female, were chosen for the research. On a daily basis, they consumed 2 kiwis 1 hour before sleep for 4 weeks, with their sleep progress recorded with a sleep diary and an Actigraph sleep and activity logger.

After 4 weeks, researchers examined the results–and found that it significantly decreased sleep latency, or the time it took to fall asleep. Even better? Their sleep time and efficiency increased dramatically, improving their quality of life.

The conclusion: Eating kiwis could be an easy way to fall asleep fast. For an easy fix, try eating a few kiwis before bedtime to enhance those midnight zzz’s.

Cherry Juice

The basis for this claim comes from a 2010 study, which examined the sleep-enhancing effects of tart cherry juice. In the study, 15 adults with chronic insomnia drank either a glass of tart cherry juice or a placebo daily for two weeks, something they hypothesized could reduce insomnia symptoms. This was confirmed by testing their insomnia symptoms later on using the Insomnia Severity Index.

Overall, they fell asleep faster and longer, something researchers attribute to its high amounts of melatonin, a sleep cycle-regulating hormone. Researchers explain the findings below:

“One putative sleep-promoting pathway for tart cherries is their relatively high content of melatonin, a substance with sleep-regulating properties. Another potential pathway is via anti-inflammatory agents in that a number of inflammatory cytokines are intricately related to the modulation of sleep.”

Bottom line? Cherry juice is a natural sleep aid–so it definitely pays to drink up (in moderation.) Paired with kiwis, this could end insomnia for good.

Readers: What are your tips and tricks for fighting insomnia?

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