Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

By on July 16, 2014
Yspan style="line-height: 1.5em;">You’ve followed your diet to the letter. You have even cleaned out your fridge and pantry to remove any temptations. Workouts happen as regularly as they should, and yet, despite all your work, you can’t seem to lose weight. Unfortunately, your reasons for losing weight aren’t entirely your fault and aren’t easy to identify. Most weight loss issues stem from myths surrounding diets and exercise — so as long as you can dismiss those, you can get back on track to losing weight.

You Decided to Go Gluten-Free For No Reason

A lot of people assume that gluten-free is healthier and a great way to lose weight. But, gluten-free diets often lack the nutrients your body needs from whole grains — like fiber. Omitting gluten-free foods for no medically necessary reason (such as not having Celiac or a gluten intolerance), could actually make you lose less weight.

You’re Skipping Meals

Yes, you should cut down on calories to lose weight, but skipping meals can actually make you weigh more than just eating your meals. A lot of dieters assume that skipping a meal will save on calories, but you actually are eating more calories throughout the day when you eat at the other times. So, instead of skipping, aim for three healthy meals per day or six smaller, healthy meals per day.

You Snack All Day Long

Some diets call for six small meals each day, but a lot of people misinterpret this guideline to eat micro- portions all day long. Those little snacks here and there, while small in size, could add up to a higher caloric intake than you might realize; thus, keeping you from losing weight.

Your Diet Has Too Many Liquid Calories

What you drink still counts toward your daily caloric intake. From smoothies to coffee to tea, it all adds up. In fact, a study recently found that Americans get about 21 percent of their daily calories from drinks. Instead of drinking high-calorie drinks, stick to water, skim milk or even vegetable juices.

You Think Salads are Diet-Friendly

A salad doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating healthy. For example, if you have a large salad topped with a hearty portion of dressing, cheese and other toppings, you could be eating a lot more calories than you realize. If you are going to eat salads, keep portion size in perspective, skip the cheese and limit how much dressing you actually use.

Dieting is all about watching what you eat and really thinking ahead. Plan your meals out, check your daily caloric intakes and do your diets right. By doing so, you’ll notice the weight comes off easier and you actually reach your weight loss goals.

Readers: What other reasons have you found that prevent you from losing weight?


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