Tips to Avoid Exercise Exhaustion

By on May 12, 2014
No one denies the fact that exercise is healthy for your health, but is it possible to exercise too much? If your body is exercising to the point where you are doing more work than recovery, then yes, it is possible to exercise too much. All of that excess could actually cause harm, rather than help. You’ll notice you have less energy, you’re more sore and it can weaken your immune system leading to illness.

Common Signs You’ve Over Done It

  1. You have an increased heart rate. As you work out, your body naturally lowers its heart rate. That is the purpose of training your body. But, if you work out too much you’ll notice that your heart rate while resting actually rises — similar to how it does if you are stressed.
  2. You don’t perform as well as you used to. Remember back in the day when you could work out and you would excel? You had no problem performing your reps, but now that same weight and routine is a struggle. When you work out too much, your performance level drops significantly — making it harder to perform the same workouts you’re used to.
  3. Your muscles are sore. After a workout you might notice you are sore for one to three days after. This is a message from your body that you have done too much and need to recover. But, if you ignore this sign and continue to work out, your body cannot train that muscle and you’ll actually notice you become weaker.

Take a Break

Training is important, but so is resting. Even after proper rest, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of over-working the same muscles — leading to overtraining. Some things you can try include:

  • Cross Training – When you do the same workout routine repeatedly, it is stressful on your body. Varying your workout by using a cross-training technique helps you focus on different muscles groups and mix up your workout.
  • Increase Over Time – You want to run a marathon, but that doesn’t mean you should start running the full marathon today. You should gradually build yourself up to that full amount. That means running a mile today, and slowly increasing the distance until you’ve reached your goal. The same goes for weights. Don’t assume you can lift a heavy amount; instead, slowly add the weight on over time.
  • Get Some Sleep – Sleep is important not only for your workout, but your daily performance in general. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you’re easily stressed and you don’t perform as well as you should.
  • Eat the Right Foods – There’s no point in working out if you are going to eat junk food. Make sure your workout routine is complemented by the right foods.

If you think you’re already doing too much, it’s time for a break. Taking a week off to reset and recover won’t ruin your workout or your progress — if anything, it will help you.

Readers: What do you do to avoid working out too much? How many rest days to you take?



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