This Vegetable Makes Your Immune System POWERFUL – And Makes You Slim!

By on September 14, 2015
It’s called the national dish of Korea, and now westerners too are getting their hands on this sour-but-sweet delicacy.

Referred to as kimchi, this dish contains fermented napa cabbage with a touch of chili peppers–and goes with nearly any meal you cook up.

Now, your health could benefit as well, according to researchers.

“Health functionality of kimchi, based upon our research and that of other, includes anticancer, antiobesity, anticonstipation, colorectal health promotion, probiotic properties, cholesterol reduction, fibrolytic effect, antioxidative and antiaging properties, brain health promotion, immune promotion, and skin health promotion,” write researchers in the Journal of Medicinal Food. “Accordingly, kimchi can be considered a vegetable probiotic food that contributes health benefits in a similar manner as yogurt as a dairy probiotic food.”

Their recommendation? Dig in: It’s good for you.

Why Kimchi is Good For You

Not quite convinced kimchi is worth eating? Luckily, researchers have been researching this food for decades–and here are some ways it can help:

1. It lowers your cholesterol. Kimchi just isn’t packed full of chili peppers and cabbage; it also contains garlic, which also contain an important compound called allicin.

Studies show allicin helps reduce cholesterol reserves in the body–which means you’ll have lower blood pressure as well.

And, of course, it’s all natural.

As an added bonus, kimchi also contains other helpful compounds that lower your risk of heart disease in the process, so it’s a good idea to eat up; its low caloric content is also a win-win if you’re dieting.

2. It could prevent cancer. Research shows kimchi may help prevent stomach cancer due to it containing helpful chemicals that detoxify your liver, small intestine, and kidneys. The less toxins in your system, the lower your risk of cancer, and research shows it’s especially effective for stomach cancer. So forget detoxifying with special beverages or pills; just eat a mouthful of kimchi instead. It’s probably tastier too!

3. It boosts your immune system. Thanks to its fermentation, kimchi has the power to increase the activity of immune cells, helping fighting off disease better. As an added bonus, you’ll recover faster from illnesses too–now that’s something most foods can’t do (or at least western ones).

4. And of course, it helps you lose weight. It’s true that kimchi only boasts 40 calories per serving, but the real benefits lie in capsaicin, a chemical found in chili peppers. Because kimchi is often fermented with chili peppers, it boasts plenty of this all-natural chemical, something which research shows could temporarily increase your metabolism. The result? A slimmer waistline–and chances are you won’t gain weight from eating a serving or two of this popular Korean dish.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in; kimchi could literally save your life!

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