Write For Us

write for Health CrackerWe’re currently hiring new writers, guest bloggers, and experts in a variety of health fields to join the Health Cracker team of experts.

Who writes for Health Cracker?

If you’re an expert in a particular health field, or simply a writer or blogger with a passion for health and a talent for writing, we want to hear from you!  We’re looking for contributors who are looking to market their business and promote themselves as expert authors online.

What to submit

Each of your articles or piece of content should be focused on one of the following areas:

Health News
Weight Loss
Natural Health

In addition to your tips and advice, we welcome your personal notes, experiences, and stories.

Up-to-date, easy to read

All content presented to Health Cracker should be based on up-to-date information (preferably sourced), and easy to read and digest.  Keep your content entertaining, informative, and actionable.  Make it conversational and engaging.

Go ahead and present complicated ideas in a simple fashion and give step-by-step instructions wherever possible.  You can also tell stories that help illustrate your ideas. Make it interesting, make it memorable.

How long?

Your content should be the number of words it takes to get your point across.  Nothing more, nothing less!  This could be 500 words, 1000, or more.  Your contribution must give high value to the reader, so do not worry about length, only the value you’re providing to the reader.

What’s in it for you?

Writing for Health Cracker allows you to promote your personal brand online, and be part of a growing panel of health professionals and experts providing actionable advice to our readers.

You’ll also have a chance to tell your story, as we provide the opportunity to link back to your personal blog or site in the author bio with all the content you provide.  Please note, this is not sales copy selling products or services, but we’re selling you, one of the health experts on Health Cracker.

Requirements for submitting

Think you’ve got the chops to become a Health Cracker expert?

Send your content for consideration to: submissions[at]healthcracker[dot]com

Make sure to include your author bio (3-5 sentences with relevant website and social media links) and at least one photo in each submission.  Photos must be free to use or share, even commercially.  Your submission must be edited and proofread prior to submitting.